Luggage of fame

Maison Goyard is an independent luxury trunk maker in Paris, a brand that’s made a point of never advertising itself or its products. Our job was to create its first ever brand campaign and make it stand out from other luxury brands in this competitive sector.

We brought to life the brand’s prestigious heritage with unique creativity, launching a new and legitimate territory to showcase the timeless refinement of Goyard. In doing so, we succeeded in winning over hardcore fans and introducing the brand to new audiences.

Maison Goyard is an independent luxury trunk maker in Paris, a brand that’s made a point of never advertising itself or its products. Our job was to create its first ever brand campaign and make it stand out from other luxury brands in this competitive sector.

We brought to life the brand’s prestigious heritage with unique creativity, launching a new and legitimate territory to showcase the timeless refinement of Goyard. In doing so, we succeeded in winning over hardcore fans and introducing the brand to new audiences.


sleeping beauty

Cetaphil is a global sensitive skincare brand with a wide array of products. The brand is a major player in the US and Asia and is recommended by dermatologists.

Our job was to launch the restage of the Eczema range, targeting eczema sufferers.

Our Sleeping Beauty campaign builds on the insight that everyone needs a good night’s sleep, however the quality of sleep for eczema sufferers is compromised due to the itch-scratch cycle. Our campaign helped drive awareness of the innovative solutions offered by the brand to manage this condition.


Eczema is a condition that affects 20% of children and up to 10% of adults globally*. It can be caused by many factors, and sufferers are always on the lookout for products and routines to help keep it under control and improve their quality of life – beyond harsh cortisone treatments.

We created an integrated campaign in line with the global Cetaphil campaign: We Do Skin. You Do You. This was supported by the RTB that the microbiome technology in the formula helps to tackle the root cause of eczema, with a tagline that delivers on the consumer insight promise – We do fewer eczema flare-ups. You do a full night’s sleep.

Sleep matters

To drive a change in behavior, we developed an easy to remember routine across a whole series of materials: 1. Relieve 2. Repair 3. Protect. And we launched three products (two new and one revamp) with a new formula and strong claims.

A full toolkit of assets was developed at both a global and regional level, allowing for localized differences in artwork, claims and talent.

Our work comprised:

  • Packaging artwork for the step-by-step routine
  • Shopper and lifestyle key visuals
  • Website landing page, including images and copy
  • Content for product detail pages on Amazon and other retailers
  • Three videos including online and in-use
  • Social media campaign
  • Point of sale display inspiration

The toolkit is considered best-in-class by the client and markets, and this is currently being rolled out globally.



the digital handling

Patek Philippe is the iconic family-owned Swiss luxury watch manufacturer.

Our challenge was to digitally recreate the handling of a Patek Philippe, a first for the category and a world premiere.

We crafted 20 videos showcasing various collections – both existing models and those under development – in close-up, in movement and in the spotlight. The aim was to reveal every detail, even those invisible to the naked eye. The creative was based on the insight that each collection has a different character but also the knowledge that, at this level of excellence, it’s not just about the type of watch you like, it’s an emotional experience.

For years, photographers have done their best to bring to life the dexterity and skills of watchmakers through static images. We had to go one step further, bringing movement without the constraints of a real shoot. We wanted to break through the glass ceiling of the hyper-realism of computer-generated images.

We didn’t want to distract with context or storytelling, but instead to focus on the watch as a masterpiece, digitally reinventing the unique emotion of that first handling.

We created our own digital tools to replicate the mastery of watchmakers, polishing a surface or setting a diamond. These are the soul of the watch and signature of the brand, so essential to bring to the forefront of the project.

We moved away from the mathematical rigor of digital models and toward delivering the hyper-realism of exquisite details that only Patek Philippe watchmakers themselves would recognize. The result created a unique experience for the next generation, watchmakers included.


joy of nothing

Alcon is the global leader in eye care, dedicated to helping people see brilliantly.

Getting patients and eye care professionals to upgrade to new contact lenses isn’t always easy. Despite Alcon’s cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technology, it remains a low engagement category.

Our job was to change that mindset. The Joy of Nothing campaign comes from the universal insight that everyone wants their contact lenses to feel like nothing, from day 1 to day 30. With its new Water Gradient Technology, Alcon’s TOTAL30® product range could own the territory when it comes to comfort.


50% of patients and a third of eye care professionals (ECPs) think that a little discomfort when wearing contact lenses is normal. We needed to change that perception.

To make the change, it was essential for us to encourage both consumers and ECPs to have a conversation around comfort and introduce Alcon’s revolutionary TOTAL30® lenses as the solution to their discomfort, because they feel like nothing, from day 1 to day 30.

We developed a CRM strategy, both B2B and B2C, to highlight the various benefits of the Joy of Nothing across a series of emails and supporting materials.

We built a consumer starter pack containing a welcome gift and an advent calendar that was given to incentivize trial at the ECPs. Patients could then access a series of digital gifts revealed across 30 days, driving trial and loyalty.

We also created a series of emails taking consumers on a Joy of Nothing journey. For this, we developed original content to highlight the product benefits while also taking it beyond contact lenses, providing interesting and fun lifestyle tips to engage consumers.

In tandem, we developed a CRM campaign for ECPs. This was to encourage ECPs to start a conversation with their patients around lens comfort in order to address the common misconception that a little discomfort is normal. This resulted in a discussion around upgrading to TOTAL30® lenses, helping ECPs to move their patients to more comfortable lenses and, ultimately, making them happier, more loyal customers.

We produced over 30 emails and landing pages for the campaign across a multitude of user journeys. The program was successfully adopted globally across several Alcon markets.



Part of the General Mills family, Betty Crocker’s impressive line-up of dependably delicious products has been trusted in the kitchen since 1921.

With the launch of the Better For You range, Betty Crocker expanded their product offering to include permissibly indulgent snacking options, as a response to the growing need for healthier snacks for kids.

Our job was to define the creative strategy and campaign for this new range. We produced a digital-first campaign toolkit, including key visuals and product detail pages. E-Content Implementation Guidelines were developed in tandem to ensure global brand consistency.


Consumer snacking habits are changing. Parents are looking for delicious snacks that are easy to make with the family but also contain authentic ingredients. As the most trusted baking partner of families for over 100 years, Betty Crocker launched their Better for You range to answer that need.

Our creative team developed a key visual highlighting the newness of the Better For You ingredients, whilst tapping into the special moments that baking as a family can bring.

We developed a comprehensive digital toolkit including Google display banners and social media assets heroing the authenticity of ingredients and driving awareness and purchase intent. The product pages contained specific copy and images highlighting features and benefits to overcome purchase barriers.

To maintain consistency across countries, we developed interactive E-Content Implementation Guidelines outlining the process for how to write and produce individual product page content for e-retailers as the new range was rolled out.


identify the root cause

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is one of the world’s leading specialists in multidimensional industrial metrology.

With the insight that suppliers, manufacturers and end users consistently expect higher quality standards, our job was to develop a B2B campaign to showcase ZEISS’ offering in the space of technical cleanliness.

Our campaign, Identify the Root Cause, brought the immediate benefit of an innovatively designed cleanliness process to the forefront, enabling companies to make the right decisions faster.


Science meets cinema

Cetaphil is a global sensitive skincare brand recommended by dermatologists.

Our job was to create a video to help healthcare professionals, such as dermatologists, understand Cetaphil’s superiority versus the competition. The aim was to showcase how Cetaphil’s unique formulas work on sensitive skin.

Our dynamic Science Meets Cinema 3D medical animation video is of feature-film quality, bringing to life Cetaphil’s efficacy. Our team of seasoned creatives and medical experts delivered scientific accuracy matched with visual perfection.


beauty e-content toolkit

Cetaphil is a global sensitive skincare brand and a major player in the Asian market where their Bright Healthy Radiance line was first launched, one of Cetaphil’s most premium ranges.

We were tasked to develop a full Beauty E-Content Toolkit focusing on increasing value perception by playing with luxury codes, while remaining true to the brand.

With the intent of bringing the radiance element to life, we created a full digital toolkit, including product detail pages with above-the-fold and below-the-fold images and copy, and a dynamic mode of action video highlighting the 7 benefits of the range. The relaunch was a big success!



Ultimate Ears is the portable speaker brand of Logitech, one of the world’s leading computer peripherals and software manufacturers.

Our job was to create a campaign and toolkit of digital assets to boost awareness of their speakers to Gen Z by targeting their different expectations and lifestyles during the summer months. Building on the insight that music offers a different mood depending on where or when you listen to it, this led to the Ultimate Ears +/- campaign.

The campaign’s creative cues echo the iconic design of the product itself and feature a whole series of key visuals that play on the dichotomy of diverse listening occasions. It incentivized users to come up with their own +/- composition, initiating some fun user-generated content.



Logitech is one of the world’s leading computer peripherals and software manufacturers.

When it comes to in-store, the constant challenge is to remove purchase barriers and drive conversion.

We’ve been a trusted partner to Logitech’s Global Retail Team for many years, partnering on several in-store initiatives to drive category captaincy.
Projects include developing point of sale materials to enhance the shopper navigation experience as well as developing bespoke gaming shelves and partnership materials with the likes of Apple and Google.



Michelin is a world class tire manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of products.

As their global e-retail content agency of choice, our job is to produce content at scale that drives conversion at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Over the past 3 years, we have partnered with Michelin to develop a bespoke scalable production process for e-content. Our toolkits are based on pre-defined best-in-class guidelines, enabling markets to provide retailers with locally relevant content while meeting global criteria.

We helped Michelin drive efficiency and scalability of e-content assets across more than 80 tire ranges and hundreds of products.



Logitech is one of the world’s leading computer peripherals and software manufacturers.

For years, we have been partnering with the commercial organization leaders to help them communicate their yearly plans and initiatives to the markets. Our challenge is to create exciting virtual events that provide memorable experiences to inform, engage and inspire hundreds of people around the globe during long format virtual meetings.

Every year, we create a fresh theme and ownable visual identity for the meeting, helping to build an exciting message track through presentations and video content. Our content inspires the markets to bring life to the initiatives using the same flair and excitement.



Piaget, part of Richemont group, crafts luxury watches and jewelry and is recognized as the Master of ultra-thin watches.

Our job was to create the launch campaign of the new ALTIPLANO 900P, the world’s thinnest mechanical watch at only 3.65mm, despite its 145 components.

We created the first animated version of the famous éclaté, the vertical explosion of the movement. We did this by merging CGI and live action, marking a new watchmaking milestone in a fusion of movement and art.



TAG Heuer, part of the LVMH group, is the industry reference in the field of luxury chronographs with iconic models such as the famous Carrera.

For the 50th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera, we were asked to create and produce a 1-minute film with live-action shooting and CGI images, including an original music score. This tribute to the partnership with McLaren visually combines the mechanical designs of both worlds, from the hands on the McLaren dashboard to those on the Carrera chronometer and its innovative jumping second.



Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company owning over 2,000 brands.

Our consultants have partnered with Nestlé on their digital transformation journey for over 10 years, constantly assessing retailer capabilities and benchmarking Nestlé vs. competition. This knowledge and understanding enables us to develop and deliver best-in-class trainings and e-commerce guidelines to win in the digital space.

To date, we have produced playbooks and guidelines for more than 50 Nestlé brands globally, as well as helping them to develop a global e-business upskilling plan across all their corporate functions, enabling the organization to keep up with the pace of change.



Alcon is the global leader in eye care, dedicated to helping people see brilliantly.

With our 30-Day Challenge campaign, we tapped into the take a challenge trend that’s popular with Gen Z. Our job was to instigate a trial with new users and keep them in lenses for a month, creating a new but long-lasting habit and, ultimately, driving brand loyalty.

We created the campaign leveraging existing assets, maximizing ROI, to serve our two-phase strategy: a Facebook lead generation campaign and a 30-day CRM mailing program.



ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses and ophthalmic instruments.

We were asked to create a manifesto video building on the close partnership with one of ZEISS’ brand ambassadors, Dr Miguel Burnier.

Our job was to create an inspirational video with a strong emotional approach, focusing on the purpose of a life’s work, enabled by technology. The high-end cinematographic direction gives a truly heart-warming perspective on Dr Burnier’s passion for research and commitment to his patients. This passion and commitment is shared by ZEISS, whose technology enables individuals to see beyond.



Alcon is the largest eye care devices company in the world. Becoming a thought leader in the industry means producing educational content not only for internal audiences but also for external ones, turning partners into brand ambassadors.

Our job was to create an exciting range of short trainings on general eye conditions and relevant Alcon products using the Rise Articulate platform, across multiple languages. The diverse content included multiple choice quizzes, videos and images. These interactive elements ensured pharmacist engagement and kept Alcon top of mind when it comes to product recommendations.



Strauss Group is a leading global food and beverage company with a rich history of over 80 years.

For its MkCafe brand, it needed a direct-to-consumer (D2C) online store with a premium look and seamless integration with its existing SAP-based IT system.

Lacking in-house e-commerce expertise, they sought an end-to-end solution. The proposed solution involved going on-site and creating a D2C channel and guiding its operations, including logistics, marketing, UI/UX, and automated SAP processes.

The outcome was a thriving online brand boasting 30% annual growth over five years. The platform is being enhanced with a subscription model and is set to expand to new markets and channels in the near future.